NEW! 2016 Preconferences

TWO IN-DEPTH MARKETING CLINICS. ONE RADICAL CONFERENCE EXPERIENCE.  The Sprinting Sessions: A Workshop on Arts Marketing, Change, and the Connection EconomyIn a world that is evolving faster than our marketing strategies, those who adapt quickly will thrive like never before. As arts marketing leaders, our roles depend on learning how to create marketing that not only sells to our audiences, but changes them in a way that makes them more loyal, adaptable, and profitable for our organizations.The Sprinting Sessions is a hands-on workshop that's about getting up-to-speed. It's about creating and executing strategic arts marketing ideas in our modern world. It's about incorporating key principles such as permission marketing, connection, invitation, and trust into your work.Join Adam Thurman (Court Theatre, IL) and Linda Butler (The Contemporary Jewish Museum, CA) as you work alongside powerhouse marketers from across the nation in building your career. Step away from the day-to-day grind of marketing a single artistic product and blaze through a series of activities that allow for exponential growth within your organization.In The Sprinting Sessions, you'll receive:

  • Specific ways to invite new audience members to your work.
  • Collective ideas on how to incorporate key concepts like generosity and permission into your marketing plan.
  • A space to discover new opportunities and fresh perspectives on how to approach your marketing work and the people that care about making change happen.
  • A framework for making more authentic marketing decisions in a way that you can explain to your boss, board and team.

These are the things that will help you generate more revenue AND get the engaged, incredible audience that your organization deserves. REGISTER TODAY!Relevance: Breaking through the Buzz to Build Meaningful Change When people look to your organization, are they seeing a reflection of themselves in the art? Or, are they seeing something that feels distant from themselves, their lives, and their identities? Something…irrelevant?As arts marketers, we strive to provide arts experiences that are meaningful, valuable, and relevant. But establishing relevance isn't about linking up with what's #trending. It's about connecting with what's inside people's hearts. In this interactive workshop, explore the deep meaning of relevance—what it is, what it can do, how to measure it—and how relevance can fuel change to make your work more powerful and valuable.After this workshop led by Museum Powerduo Nina Simon and Elise Granata of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (Santa Cruz, CA), you will immediately be able to apply what you learned to your work. You will leave Relevance: Breaking through the Buzz to Build Meaningful Change with:

  • Theoretical grounding in the scientific research on relevance: what kind of information connects, and why.
  • A framework for identifying and describing communities of interest.
  • A tool you can use to identify engagement opportunities with communities of interest.
  • Activities you can use with colleagues to build empathy and involvement with new communities of interest.
  • Tools for measuring relevance and evaluating impact.
  • Specific ideas for how to shift your existing programs and marketing efforts to increase relevance to the communities of interest to you.
  • New professional friends from around the country who are invested in your success.
  • Powerful stories of other institutions across the arts making change to increase relevance in their communities.