Arts Marketing Blog

Walk It Out: The Other Side of Brand No One Talks About

by Mr. Chris McLeod

Whether you’re working in a swanky downtown office with 100 employees or if you’re an independent artist working out of your momma’s kitchen—Brand. Matters.

How to Create A “Dark Post” On Facebook

by Ms. Ceci Dadisman

Arts marketers, have you ever experimented with so-called “dark posts” on Facebook? There are lots of ways to use them to your advantage!

Our voice is strong and vital—let’s use it!

by David Wyatt

Arts marketers, this is our call to stand up and to use our powers for good. If there’s not a higher purpose to communicating about the arts, what's the point in filling up a building with people?

Announcing the Launch of the new National Arts Marketing Project Website!

by Laura Kakolewski

We listened to your needs and built a website that is simple to navigate, while providing the educational tools you need to market the arts in today’s competitive landscape.

The Starving Artist Syndrome & How to Cure It

by Lisa Phillips

Working in both arts and marketing/business, I've noticed a disconnect between the desire for artists to become successful and earn a living with their art and how they think about their craft as a business.

Making Connections through Radical Hospitality

by Ms. Lisa Mallette

Engagement and marketing are not the same thing, but they can work very well hand in hand. As a marketing tool, engagement has everything to do with fostering a richer, fuller experience for those who are already in the building, and then, in turn, encouraging them to tell others about their experience.

Oh Snap! What Arts Marketers Need to Know About Snapchat

by Mr. Christopher Williams

As Snapchatters make their way around our cities, attending performances in our venues and viewing exhibitions in our museums, they’re Snapping and sharing those experiences in the moment.

Relevance is a Moving Target for Content

by Nina Simon

Nina Simon's book, The Art of Relevance explores how mission-driven organizations can matter more to more people. The book is packed with inspiring examples, rags-to-relevance case studies, research-based frameworks, and practical advice on how your work can be more vital to your community.

Arts and Technology: How one Museum’s App is Connecting Visitors and Driving Institutional Change

by Mengdi Ding

The Brooklyn Museum is making great strides with audience engagement through their latest technology tool, the ASK app.

What Impact Do You Want To Have On The World?

by Jennifer Edwards

Art and artists have historically provided social commentary and a critical lense our society needs, something the arts and culture sector could also contribute.

The Humble Step

by Clayton Lord

The pursuit of cultural equity is a journey of mountains and valleys, someone once told me. It is a series of hard climbs, brief moments of celebration, if you’re lucky, and then the progression begins again. It is the type of work we do against our comfort, because it is necessary.