Conference Proposal Submission Form

In 5 Sentences or less, explain why the content is tailored for the skill level you selected.
Based on your session description, provide a minimum of three (3) learning objectives. Learning objectives should be clear, concrete, and have direct applicability in the field. You may provide more than three.
This description will serve as the marketing copy for your session.
Please identify one (1) of the three (3) core conference themes that your proposal is best suited for (YOU, YOUR WORLD, or YOUR FUTURE) and explain why. YOU: What area(s) of expertise do I need to refine or expand? What new skill(s) do I need to learn to be effective in my individual career? What do I need to succeed? YOUR WORLD: What information does the field need in order to navigate the current environment: What resources can we leverage? What best practices can we share? What new and fresh ideas can we replicate? YOUR FUTURE: What is your vision for the future? What is your organization’s vision of the future? What is our collective vision for the future? How do we reach it? What barriers stand in our way?
In 3 sentences or less, please demonstrate why this session is best suited for the conference theme you chose. Note: NAMP reserves the right to determine which conference theme, if accepted, your session is the best fit for.

Please complete the below information for each session participant.

The strongest proposals reflect a diversity among panelists: including a variety of arts practitioners who are from diverse organizations and backgrounds: including race, ethnicity, organizational type/genre, budget size, and geographical location. Proposals with two presenters listed from the same organization will be given low priority during the selection process.

If this proposal is selected, each presenter is responsible for the full Conference registration fee of $475. Complimentary registration is not available for presenters nor for additional panelists. Travel and lodging expenses are the responsibility of each presenter. All presenters must register by the Early-Bird deadline of August 25, 2017.