50 Winning Tweets from the 2011 National Arts Marketing Project Conference

On November 12-15, 2011, more than 520 arts marketers convened in Louisville, Kentucky to swap ideas, share success stories, and learn the best practices for engaging and WINNING AUDIENCES. More than 4,500 tweets captured the energy & enthusiasm that took place inside and outside of the conference headquarters.

In our newest e-book, 50 WINNING TWEETS FROM THE 2011 NATIONAL ARTS MARKETING PROJECT CONFERENCE, you'll see the 50 most insightful, inspiring, and awesome takeaways straight from the #nampc tweet deck. Our compilation of the most stimulating & memorable tweets include:

  • @immastereo there are two types of marketers. 1) builders 2) sustainers. which one are you? #nampc
  • @PCA_Arts even the best social media strategies don't replace a positive face-to-face experience. #nampc
  • @MarilynMJohnson We are privileged to work for institutions that touch people's lives. Tell your story. #nampc