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Making Connections through Radical Hospitality

Engagement and marketing are not the same thing, but they can work very well hand in hand. As a marketing tool, engagement has everything to do with fostering a richer, fuller experience for those who are already in the building, and then, in turn, encouraging them to tell others about their experience.

Oh Snap! What Arts Marketers Need to Know About Snapchat

As Snapchatters make their way around our cities, attending performances in our venues and viewing exhibitions in our museums, they’re Snapping and sharing those experiences in the moment.

Relevance is a Moving Target for Content

Nina Simon's book, The Art of Relevance explores how mission-driven organizations can matter more to more people. The book is packed with inspiring examples, rags-to-relevance case studies, research-based frameworks, and practical advice on how your work can be more vital to your community.

Arts and Technology: How one Museum’s App is Connecting Visitors and Driving Institutional Change

The Brooklyn Museum is making great strides with audience engagement through their latest technology tool, the ASK app.

The Humble Step

The pursuit of cultural equity is a journey of mountains and valleys, someone once told me. It is a series of hard climbs, brief moments of celebration, if you’re lucky, and then the progression begins again. It is the type of work we do against our comfort, because it is necessary.

The ticket sales blame game, and Fight Club

There are two groups standing on opposites sides of the parking lot. Bruised and battered, knuckles taped up, and ready to go at it again. If it’s your first time, you almost always have to fight. This is the fight club that sometimes happens between the artistic and Marketing departments after a production fails to sell well.

Diversifying the Arts in America

Andy Horwitz, writing in the Atlantic, concludes that the federal government, because it has not adequately supported the National Endowment for the Arts, is contributing to the weakness of the culturally diverse and ethnic arts organizations in the country. He misses two key points and, I believe promotes the wrong solution.

Creativity, technically speaking: How programmers sparked us to think differently about creativity

Creativity in the arts has a counterpart in the tech and entrepreneurial sector, so we ventured to neighboring tech firms, and what we heard about the ways in which creativity factors into their work inspired us.

When the Arts and Tourism Join Forces: Arts Council Napa Valley

Each year, in partnership with the Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI), Americans for the Arts honors the synergistic relationship and outstanding cooperative efforts between a Local Arts Agency and its Destination Marketing Organization in two communities across America.

Funding The Arts With Creative Partners

Across the country, arts organizations are constantly seeking ways to do more with less and fundraise creatively and collaboratively. For artist led organizations, this need is only amplified by lack available funds that can be dedicated to operational support, and the need to create an artistic product.

Nonprofit Websites: 5 Elements of Perfect Nonprofit Landing Pages

On your website, landing pages are where the action happens—at least, that’s the goal. Good nonprofit landing pages can make your website a converting machine. If a landing page is designed well, users will know exactly what you want them to do within five seconds.

Building Loyal Audiences or: If Your Brand is Your Mission, Write One That Would Make Don Quixote say, "Whoa, Girl!"

To become a truly stable organization, you need to have a strong brand recognized well beyond your own social circles.


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