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Building New Diverse Audiences through Effective Practice

  • Friday, November 9, 2018 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Demographic change is reshaping the make-up of communities across the United States and once tried and true marketing approaches are yielding diminishing returns. Arts organizations need to grapple with the reality of a more diverse population and position themselves to communicate with and market effectively to a more diverse population. 

Change is necessary if arts organizations are going to be able to grow their audiences and make a new case for the value of the experience that they offer.  This means that arts organizations have to be willing to change the way they think about audience building; how they communicate and convey their value; and how they interact with consumers to be more inclusive and relevant. Organizations may need to overcome fears of change to connect authentically with their community and the audiences that they hope to attract.

This workshop will incorporate emerging new knowledge specific to audience building and consumer market research generated through ongoing national Building Audiences for Sustainability initiative supported by The Wallace Foundation.


Learning Objectives:

During this session, Attendees will:

1. Learn to identify barriers to entry and develop strategies to communicate the value of the arts to specific population segments who are not traditional arts attendees. 

2. Receive recent market research data and qualitative reports on building arts sustainability from The Wallace Foundation ongoing national initiative.

3. Develop strategies and tactics to work within their organizations to make the necessary shifts to effect change. 


Our thanks to The Wallace Foundation for its support of the Building New Diverse Audiences through Effective Practice Preconference.





Dawn Frisby-Byers
Marketing Consultant
Dr. Bob Harlow