Conference Schedule



  • Friday, November 9, 2018 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm

The City of Seattle and King County both have policies in place that outline a commitment to equity, specifically racial equity.  These policies guide the ways in which services are delivered by taking into account historical inequities that have existed and giving priority to reversing historical damage, all within the context of a rapidly shifting demographic.

While not required, arts organizations have been encouraged to embrace race and social justice policies with the help of training and tools that strengthen partnerships across the community.  Arts organizations have embraced these opportunities and are leading the chargeto assure that equity undergirds the way in which decisions are made and programs are structured.   

Yet, to successfully advance equity and social justice, organizations must be diligent in their efforts to sustain healthy internal processes and strategies.

In this session, leaders from across city, county and statewide agencies explore why equity is important and how values of racial equity and social justice serve to strengthen and advance effective advocacy.  Learn how different organizations are shaping their practices and language in order to interrupt false dichotomies and push for systemic change.  The panel discussion will also explore areas of resistance and methods for engaging staff, boards and community and explore tools and approaches that have been applied in the Northwest.

Learning Objectives:

During this session, Attendees will learn: 

1. How equity can be used as an effective tool for advocacy.

2. How to use collaborative storytelling as a vehicle for equity.

3. How to establish internal equity teams and trainings to shift organizational culture.


Randy Engstrom
Director of the Office of Arts and Culture, City of Seattle
Ms. Priya Frank
Individual Giving Coordinator
Ms. Vivian Phillips
Ms. Erika Kimi Enomoto
Communications Manager
Brian J. Carter
Executive Director