Arts Marketing Blog

Send your constituents to NAMPC

by Mr. Andrew M. Witt

The case for sending a “NAMP Team” to the National Arts Marketing Project Conference to increase their marketing and advertising skill levels, which in turn will serve to attract and entertain more visitors and residents in your community.

For the Love of Community

by Erin Kulinski

As creatives, we need to shift our focus from seeing each other as competitors to seeing each other as our greatest source of inspiration.

Passion Project, Public Resource

by Ms. Allison M. Tyra

There is always a gap to fill. I took my frustration with the job hunt and turned my personal solution into a public resource for my sector.

Artists, Arts Patrons, and Access to Capital

by Whitney Hardy

Several community organizations are working to create innovative solutions that improve access to capital related to Memphis’s creative class.

6 Ways Millennials are Changing Charitable Giving

by John Hawthorne

Data shows that millennials are just as generous as previous generations. But when it comes to how they give, their means and methods are significantly different.

Creating compelling, share-friendly content for your arts organization

by Meg Fowler Tripp

Here are a few things arts marketers can do to make the process of developing social content simpler, more straightforward … and maybe even more fun.

Should Links Open in Same or New Windows/Tabs?

by Mr. Drew McManus

To determine when links should open in the same or new windows/tabs, let's approach the question from a contemporary web environment.

Creating the Right Visual Hierarchy for Your Website

by Juliet Ramirez

The ugly truth is: over the past 15 years, our patience has decreased. If you structure your web content into logical patterns, the chance of the average visitor leaving your site will decrease!

Six Secrets on How to Become Pennsylvania’s Next Hot Arts Marketer

by Sean King

This first-of-its-kind skill-building initiative combines best practices with new trends to give you and your organization the confidence to compete within the state's diverse and exciting arts space.

The Many Hats of the 21st Century Arts Marketer: There is a Solution

by Norah G. Johnson

Realizations about trends in our field like multiple hat syndrome helped inspire a new program to support, strengthen and advance arts marketing and audience engagement skills in Pennsylvania.

The heart of your personal brand as an artist? Specificity.

by Andrea Wenglowskyj, Sara Jones

Artists, we know you work hard, but are not always the most extroverted or business-savvy people. Yet you are expected to do it all.