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Communicating the Message : Using Online Video as a Tool

by Lisa Niedermeyer

How are we engaging our audiences, how we are communicating our messages, how we are raising money, and how we are using technology to do it. With YouTube currently ranking as the #2 search engine in the world, this means many of us are using online video as a tool.

Artist Portfolios: What Are These Things? How Can I Make Mine Shine?

by Mr. Peter Colon

Artist portfolios are an integral method of displaying an artist’s spectrum of visual work. Your portfolio contains important information that is instrumental in the evaluations and reviews the artist receives.

Seeking Diversity: In Our Audience and Our Workforce

by Ms. Susan Medak

For decades, Berkeley Rep has been discussing diversity in American theater.

Brand Control to Major Tom: The New Rules of Brand Management

by Mr. Roger Sametz

Yes, the new age of extreme participation is a challenge for brand managers. No, you haven't lost control.

The Power of Goals

by Lara Goetsch

I’ve discovered a number of return-on-investment (ROI) tools we use to maximize our resources at TimeLine Theatre, a non-profit theater in Chicago.

The Browning of Arts and Culture, Part 2

by Mr. Salvador Acevedo

Contemporanea has embarked on the task of procuring data by launching the following study: The Latino Experience in Museums.

The Browning of Arts and Culture, Part 1

by Mr. Salvador Acevedo

As a marketing expert I believe that all our strategies should be based on a sophisticated knowledge of our audiences, either through data that is already out there in the field, or that you have to go out and get.

Social Entrepreneurship In-Depth

by Mr. Tom Ogletree

A number of variations on the classic social entrepreneurship model have blended traditional giving models with innovations from social entrepreneurship.

The Evolution of Philanthropy in the Digital Age

by Mr. Tom Ogletree

Broadly speaking, “social entrepreneurship” describes situations in which business principles are used to further social good.

Building Audiences One Encounter at a Time

by Ms. Susan L. Smith

Building audiences for a performing arts organization is a multi-faceted endeavor. But there’s one common thread that, to me, is indispensable for helping the performing arts organization create and maintain connections with its audience, its staff and volunteers, and the general community within which it operates.

Marketing Means More than Facebook

by Ms. Nancy Hytone Leb

Social media tools are fun, hip, sexy, cheap and easy to use. It’s not too surprising that arts organizations are quick to embrace the ever-evolving world of social media.