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One Size Fits All: A Museum Activity Pack Serving Diverse Families

by Mayrav Fisher

One of the visitor groups that marketers struggle to accommodate is families. One bad experience can alienate multiple generations of potential museum visitors.

Video Podcasting: Marketing Students Supporting the Arts at Lehigh

by Dr. Silagh White

I wanted to explore video production to help inform a wide audience about the arts at Lehigh University.

Sharing a Staged Performance Across the World - Part 2

by Mr. Jaki Levy

Over the past year, I've produced several webcasts for dance companies. I've included a few insights and considerations for producing your own webcast.

Sharing a Staged Performance Across the World - Part 1

by Mr. Chris Elam

There are 72 people in downtown New York City watching the premiere of Misnomer Dance Theater’s latest work. The theater is filled to capacity – but wait – there are also many people, miles apart on four continents, watching.

Iconic Branding

by Mr. Benjamin Collier

For arts organizations, the ability to skillfully brand art and artists is key to success.

Why the Letter Works Better

by Mr. Stephen Belth

Since the 1970s, the season brochure has been the calling card for performing arts organizations. While this convention continues, rising costs and shrinking direct mail responses has limited its universality.