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Arts and Technology: How one Museum’s App is Connecting Visitors and Driving Institutional Change

by Mengdi Ding

The Brooklyn Museum is making great strides with audience engagement through their latest technology tool, the ASK app.

What Impact Do You Want To Have On The World?

by Jennifer Edwards

Art and artists have historically provided social commentary and a critical lense our society needs, something the arts and culture sector could also contribute.

The Humble Step

by Mr. Clayton W. Lord

The pursuit of cultural equity is a journey of mountains and valleys, someone once told me. It is a series of hard climbs, brief moments of celebration, if you’re lucky, and then the progression begins again. It is the type of work we do against our comfort, because it is necessary.

Calling all Adventurers! and Other Market Research findings

by Ms. Anna Prushinskaya, Ms. Sara Billmann

Univeristy Musical Society works to develop insights into how exemplary performing arts organizations can successfully expand their audiences and retain them over time.

Arts Marketing Lessons From My Church

by Ms. Nella Vera

What can a church show us about marketing . . . How about a slew of audience development activities that could serve as a model for arts organizations?

The ticket sales blame game, and Fight Club

by Mr. Matt Graber

There are two groups standing on opposites sides of the parking lot. Bruised and battered, knuckles taped up, and ready to go at it again. If it’s your first time, you almost always have to fight. This is the fight club that sometimes happens between the artistic and Marketing departments after a production fails to sell well.

When Workshops Become Personal

by Mr. Chris McLeod

Recently I was privileged enough to conduct a NAMP workshop in Western NY…Buffalo.

Diversifying the Arts in America

by James Abruzzo

Andy Horwitz, writing in the Atlantic, concludes that the federal government, because it has not adequately supported the National Endowment for the Arts, is contributing to the weakness of the culturally diverse and ethnic arts organizations in the country. He misses two key points and, I believe promotes the wrong solution.

Cultivating Audiences for the Arts Across the Digital Landscape

by Mr. Stephen Belth

The rapidly changing landscape of technology and the digital experience has led to innovative ground breaking opportunities to connect your arts group with new audiences.

Creativity, technically speaking: How programmers sparked us to think differently about creativity

by Ms. Anna Prushinskaya

Creativity in the arts has a counterpart in the tech and entrepreneurial sector, so we ventured to neighboring tech firms, and what we heard about the ways in which creativity factors into their work inspired us.

Navigating the Route Along the Changing Digital Landscape

by Mr. Stephen Belth

As quickly as we become comfortable with the latest electronic messaging and social media platforms, we find we are playing catch-up on the next important trend or the newest process.