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Powered by Community: Still Reflecting on NAMPC 2013

by Victoria Plettner-Saunders

If there is one word that keeps me up at night it’s “community.” Keeping my mental wheels in a twirl is the question: "what are we really talking about when we talk about community. . ."

Plenty of Parking Under the Banner of Heaven

by Mr. Sydney Skybetter

Despite their show’s touchy subject material, this event’s producers have developed a number of canny audience engagement techniques that make viewers feel welcome and comfortable.

Marketing is from Mars; Development is from Venus

by Amelia Northrup-Simpson

Let’s face it: sometimes it seems like marketing and development couldn’t be more different.

Truths, Little Lies, and the Arts Marketers That Love Them (Part 3)

by Sara R. Leonard

The thing about surveys is that they often tell us what people think they think rather than what they actually think.

Excuses, Excuses (Part 2)

by Sara R. Leonard

What’s the most common reason people who want to attend the arts don’t follow through?

Reading Beneath the (Head)lines (Part 1)

by Sara R. Leonard

“Socializing is still the most commonly cited reason for attending the arts. Lack of time is still the most frequently named barrier to attending the arts.”

The Artist's Introduction to the Marketing Headspace

by Amy Fredericks

Art can be transient and can be enduring. It can be sold or solely experienced. Still, among the many types of encounters with art, the process of marketing art fits into a peculiar place.

Welcome to the Experience Economy

by Amy Fredericks

New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio, announced that newly issued city identification cards for undocumented immigrants will include free or discounted memberships to cultural institutions.

Inside Job: Developing Your Marketing Committee

by Mr. Stephen Belth

While we're busy living in the digital age, there are still plenty of analog issues that demand attention, including the very important interface between the Board and Trustees, marketing committee, and the professional marketing staff.

Fearing Fear Itself

by Chad Bauman

As non-profit organizations, we have a responsibility to represent our communities, and in some cases, our communities have changed or are rapidly changing and our arts organizations just haven’t adapted.

Taking It to the Streets: the Festivalization of ArtWeek Boston

by Ms. Mariko Azis

Music, food, entertainment, and a conglomeration of family, friends, and strangers all in one place: these are just a few things that come to mind when we think of the word “festival.”