Scholarship Application

The 2019 scholarship application is now open.

To be eligible to receive a scholarship to offset your costs of attending the NAMP Conference, you must be a member of Americans for the Arts. 

All applicants will, as part of applying for a scholarship, need to provide:

  • Basic contact information
  • A personal statement answering the following:
  • Why are you interested in applying? and how will attending benefit your career and organization? (400 words max).
  • How will attending benefit your audience and community? (400 words max)
  • A PDF or DOC/DOCX file of a current resume
  • A PDF or DOC/DOCX file of one letter of support from a supervisor or, if there is no supervisor, an appropriate colleague. 

You must fill out the application in one sitting.
Ready? Here we go:

Types of Scholarships
You may choose to apply for any and all scholarships for which you are eligible; however, only (1) one scholarship will be awarded per individual. Applicants who apply for, but are not selected for, any of the Full Ride Scholarships will then be automatically considered for a General Convention Scholarship.
Full Ride Scholarship Applicants
This section is only for full ride scholarship applicants.

Please provide the following additional information depending on which category you are submitting your application. Applicants who apply for, but do not receive, a Full Ride Scholarship will be automatically considered for a $500 reimbursement General Convention Scholarship. (if you are not applying for a Full Ride scholarship, please skip this section):

In addition to submitting a short one-page report on three important takeaways from the NAMP Conference, Full Ride scholarship recipients will also be asked to contribute digital/social media content during the Conference in one of three forms. Please rank the following three options in terms of your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice options for contributing commentary on the Conference.

Provide two 250–900 word blog posts or two 1-2 min. video blogs (approx. 3-5 sentences) or a combination of the two styles of posts recapping days or sessions at Conference for appearance on the Arts Marketing Blog/Resource Library and, if possible, on the recipient’s personal or professional blog. One post must be produced/shared during Conference. Deadline for a pre-conference blog/blog is October 26, 2018, and deadline for a post-conference blog is November 15.