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NAMPRadio Episode 1: Decoding Marketing Metrics

In this episode, the panelists Ron Evans, Matt Campbell, and Maris Smith are joined by Steven Roth. The group disucss ways to build measurement into you marketing efforts and share some of their stories in what has worked (and hasn't worked) for them.
From the Mailbag
We answer a question by Josh Russell of on trends we're seeing in social media by arts organization.
NAMPRadio Recommends

  • Ron recommends: as a tool with a free 24 hour access pass to check the look of your website in multiple browsers.
  • Matt recommends: The Wallace Foundation report on “Engaging Audiences.”
  • Maris recommends: A free tool for the Firefox browser that will show you if Google Analytics has been installed on a page.
  • Steven recommends: Arts Journal a daily email of stories published by bloggers and major newspapers related to the arts.

Outro music provided by Justin Gordon "Winter in Ohio" provided by the Podsafe Music Network. For more information about Justin Gordon, please visit his page on the Podsafe Music Network.

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