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NAMPRadio Episode 11: Marketing Yourself as an Independent Artist

Ron Evans, Matt Campbell, and Maris Smith talk with Dmitri Matheny,, awesome jazz artist and super self-promoter. Dmitri talks about the day-to-day grind for individual artists having to promote themselves, highlighting some of his best practices and how he's created relationships over the years that have built into a powerful following.
NAMPRadio Recommends:

  • Matt recommends: Mountain Dew introduces new banner advertising using the Facebook API -- when you click on the "like" button, it ads you to the Mountain Dew business page, without taking you away from the site you're watching the ad on. Good stuff. 
  • Maris recommends:Google Moderator -- you open up the topic, and then other people can vote the content up or down by popularity, date, etc.
  • Ron recommends: -- electronic press kit service and Dmitri recommends
  • Dmitri recommends: -- cool blog by Derek Sivers, all about music and business

Outro music: “Country” by Dmitri himself, with his partner in crime, Darrell Grant! Find out more about the CD and the guys.

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