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NAMPRadio Episode 13: The Trio Talks Tech

Ron Evans, Maris Smith, and Matt Campbell take time out in this podcast without a guest panelist to focus on their favorite go to technology treasures that they each use in different ways. Some highlights will include discussion of recent changes to Facebook, the vast offerings of Google, and QR code technologies.

NAMPRadio Recommends:

Maris recommends:, an interesting study on what e-mail account says about the user;, website to find the cheapest gas in your area; and Google's DemoSlam.

Ron recommends: Voilà, a cool screencapture software (for Mac)

Matt recommends:, Google's URL shortener—which also generates QR codes! Just put your shortened URL in your browser's URL bar, add ".qr" after it, hit "return," and voilà, your QR code appears onscreen, ready for downloading.

QR reader for iPhone: QuickMark QR Code Reader 4, which is 99 cents at the Apple App Store, and recommended by Google and CNET.

Outro music: “Mary Faye Tucker" by the band 100 Year Picnic. Find out more about this artist at: or their page on the Podsafe Music Network. 

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