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NAMPRadio Episode 14: The Power of Video to Share Your Organization's Core Mission and Values

Ron Evans and Maris Smith talk with Hannah Rudman about her work to help empower organizations to become resilient by delivering their core value propositions to customers through digital business models and channels.
Guest panelists:
Hannah Rudman is Managing Director of Rudman Consulting Ltd., and blogs at She is also Founding Director of Envirodigital Ltd.:

NAMPRadio Recommends:
Maris recommends: Guidelines for Facebook postings:

Ron recommends: Thomas Cott's "You've Cott Mail" daily free arts stories service:

Hannah recommends: a digital development reseource she runs in the U.K. with lots of resources.      
Outro music: “My Radio" by Andrew Diamond. Find out more about this artist at his page on the Podsafe Music Network. 

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