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NAMPRadio Episode 16: Build Audience Anticipation Before They Arrive

In this episode, the panelists Ron Evans and Matt Campbell talk with composer Rob Kapilow about ways to prepare audiences for musical performances. Giving audiences background information in advance helps build their anticipation while training their ears to understand the musical art form.
Guest panelists:
Rob Kapilow is a composer, conductor, and commentator on music. What characterizes all of Kapilow's work is his ability to create an "aha" moment for his audiences and collaborators, and his dedication to bringing music into people’s lives. Opening new ears to musical experiences, Kapilow is helping people to understand how music can enrich, reflect, and enhance their daily lives – whether it's through his "What Makes It Great?" presentations (including a "Live From Lincoln Center" PBS broadcast), his "Family Musik" shows, his "Citypieces," and his books, (All You Have To Do Is Listen and What Makes It Great?)
NAMPRadio Recommends:

○ Ron recommends: as an easy way to generate QR codes
○ Matt recommends: 7 best practices for running a retargeting campaign from
○ Rob recommends: "Spend 75% of your time with outsiders -- all the best ideas come from people outside the world you're in."
Outro music: Rob Kapilow tickles the ivories for us!

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