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NAMPRadio Episode 3: Will That Arts Administration M.A. Help You Land Your Dream Job?

In this episode, the panelists Ron Evans, Matt Campbell, and Maris Smith talk with Andrew Taylor, Director of the Bolz Center for Arts Administration at the University of Wisconisn about the advantages and disadvantages of getting a graduate degree in arts administration.
NAMPRadio Recommends

  • Ron recommends: Pidgin Universal Chat Client as a way to connect to multiple instant messaging client, which allows you to talk with your friends or co-workers online, no matter what chat service they use (such as AOL Instant Messenger, MSN, ICQ, etc.). It's an incredibly handy way to communicate with your team in a way that is faster than email and great for sending links around.
  • Matt recommends: -- an online publishing company that caters to the media, and has “a whole constellation of blogs and e-newsletters that you can subscribe to.” They have a lot of great advice from industry leaders, and drill down into specific areas of marketing that Matt really digs.
  • Maris recommends: -- a website with lots of daily content devoted to news and understanding of social media. Ron agrees!
  • Andrew recommends: An IRS site called, which allows you keep track of all of the rules and recommendations for maintaining your nonprofit status, is a fun and easy way. Andrew also recommends the Association of Arts Administration Educators at, which is a site that allows you to research different arts administration degrees around the country.

Outro music: “The Rocky Road to Dublin” featuring the band Blaggards, out of Houston, TX. Find out more about this band via their page at the Podsafe Music Network.

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