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NAMPRadio Episode 9: Customer Service the Cornerstone to Successful Companies

Chip Conley, hotel guru and a speaker at this year's 2010 NAMP Conference in San Jose, CA, talks with our panelists Ron Evans and Matt Campbell. Chip focuses on the importance of good customer service, but not just to customers, also to your board, staff, funders, and patrons. Chip shares wisdom from his book PEAK: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow and outlines how these concepts can be applied to arts and cultural organizatons. This is a great chance to get a preview of his NAMP Conference presentation.
FYI, Maris was on assignment for this episode, and we look forward to her joining us in the next one. Also, Ron was using a bluetooth headset that made him sound like a far-off robot, and he has since started to use said bluetooth as a doorstop, because that's about all it is good for. He sends his apologies!
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Outro music: “Fly Fly Fly'” featuring singer/songwriter Adrina Thorpe. Find out more about this artist via her homepage: or her page on the Podsafe Music Network:

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