Banish Online Video Marketing Blunders for Good!

Video is fast becoming a vital online marketing tool, but with so much content already available, it’s a must that you stand out in a good way! Done right, online video marketing is a persuasive, cost-effective way to engage your audience and deliver substantive, visually striking messages. If you have yet to tackle online video marketing, it’s time to jump in! If your organization has already dabbled in creating and posting online video, there’s a good chance that your videos could make an even greater impact on your audiences.

In this e-Book, Banish Online Video Marketing Blunders for Good!, you’ll find examples of successful marketing videos from a variety of organizations and genres, including dance, theatre, music, and the visual arts.  We will caution you against key pitfalls, and you’ll learn:

  • how to create videos with high quality content and make production decisions that will ultimately gain the attention of your audience.
  • why not branding your videos successfully will ensure that your hard work will remain lost in the Internet abyss 
  • concrete tips on making your videos shareable, maximizing your exposure and building relationships.
  • the best practices for maintaining a successful YouTube channel. Why do all the work in creating awesome content if you don’t follow up with your audience’s reactions?

…and much, much more!